Liberty City Joint Operations INFO

Clan Policy & Agreements

We are a huge team as a clan and we goal for the best wishes as we can. Our primary goal is of coarse to keep the streets of Liberty City Safe. Our primary goal is making everyone have the respect to tie it with other members so we safely proceed to our clan.

Forums Code of Conduct

1. Swearing: We understand that you may get frustrated, but please try to stay away from the swearing. If this becomes a problem, it's not difficult to add a filter. If it's a personal problem, expect a nice, big banning.

2. Spamming: Posting is fun, and we all do that here. But spamming (excessive unnecessary posting) is not acceptable. Please don't spam here, as it just gets annoying. It's OK to have a conversation here, so we go lightly on that. But posts including "@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@" are not right, if you can catch my drift.

3. Verbal abuse or attacking another member: Please be kind to your fellow posters. If we notice you attacking (also known as "flaming") another member, we'll give you a warning.

4. Slander: The LCPD J.O Forums are a private forum. Therefore, slander is OK, to an extent. All is fine as long as you're not attacking someone. This includes racism, sexism, flaming, and anything else that might hurt someone. Using any of the examples stated to the point of hurting a member will result in action taken from a staff member.

5. Arguing: (it is okay to disagree, but please do so in a friendly, respectful manner): This kind of ties in with number 3. Disagreeing is OK, just don't go flaming/spamming somebody about it. Just post and move on.

6. Photo Posting: There is to be no posting of images that contain pornography or images that members may find offensive. This includes grusome violence and gore. This will result in the deletion of the image and will most likely result in the offending person being banned or suspended from the forum.

7. Links: All links are subject to edit by the administrators here. Links that include pornographic content or any other disturbing content are subject to being deleted by an admin and may result in being banned from the forum.

8. Do not advertise any product, service, or website without consent from an admin. Consent will not be given unless the link has relevant meaning to the clan.

Please note that all posts can be editted by administrators, and reported by other members. All posts can be seen by anybody that is a member of the forum. By being a member of this forum, you agree to all of the rules mentioned above.

Breaking any of these rules may result in the offender being banned from the community by an administrator or moderator!


Section 1- Clan Membership

By being a member you agree to follow all Rules and Regualtion set forth by LCPD J.O officials (as seen here). You also understand that you could be banned from clan activity and/or clan website services,  being deducted in rank, and/or retrained if you do not follow official Rules and Regulations.

B: You may not conduct in any type unlawful act (ex. Harrasment or illegal file transaction) within clan activity or any clan service/website/activity.

C: You may not impersonate a Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) orLiberty City Police Department of Joint Operations (LCPD J.O) official/employee/commander.

D: You may not spread/distribute Pornographic and/or Obscene Images. Please understand that some LCPD J.O member are under the age 18, and that allowing people under the age of 18 is a Federal and State Crime.

E: You are strictly prohibited from spreading or gathering any type of personal information with out proper consent including: telephone number, address, city, state. or zip code (anything that could release whereabouts or way of contacting an individual).

F: You may not conduct or be involved with any act that violates any type of State, Federal, or Local Ordinance/Law/Act.

G: You are prohibited from spreading any information or committing any act that could harm the dignity of the Liberty City Police Department of Joint Operations
H: You must be above the age of 12.

Section 2 - Web Site Activity

A: You are not allowed to do anything that could harm the active state of the LCPD J.O server and/or web-pages.

B: You are prohibited from spreading any non-legal media and/or files.

C: You are not allowed to copy any page on the LCPD J.O website (anything with in the url)

D: You can not upload any type of file to the LCPD J.O server without permission from LCPD-JO-BOSS.

E: You can't advertise any person, product, service, group, or organization without approval from administrators.

F: You can not spread or distribute any image, graphics, or text from without permission from administrator.